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Pennsylvania road fatalities increased 2.5% in 2023

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In Pennsylvania, New York and throughout the nation, it is important to researchers, safety advocates and law enforcement to study why auto accidents happen. This can help with devising ways to prevent them. It takes time for the full statistics in any given year to be accrued. Only recently were the number of fatal accidents in the Keystone State released. They showed troubling signs that people need to be aware of to remain safe.

Data shows increase in fatalities of around 2.5%

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation issued its report about 2023 road fatalities. Overall, slightly more than 1,200 people lost their lives in auto crashes. This was a rise of approximately 2.5% when compared to 2022.

Despite widespread efforts to make the roads safer for the most vulnerable people – cyclists and pedestrians – they saw an increase in fatalities. PennDOT refers to these incidents as “non-motorized.” In 2022, there were 199 such deaths; in 2023, it rose to 222.

Motorcycle riders are especially at risk in the current landscape. In 2023, there were 238 rider deaths. This was an increase of 21 from 2022 and the worst total in two decades. Regarding the types of accidents that led to loss of life, almost 200 happened when a vehicle was in the wrong lane and caused a head-on collision.

Despite technology to prevent vehicles from departing their lanes, these accidents numbered 606 – 38 more than in 2022. It is believed to be due to some of the common catalysts for accidents including distraction, driving at excessive speed and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

On a positive note, there were fewer fatalities because of intoxication. That number dropped from 286 to 265. This is believed to stem from increased vigilance on enforcing the law and catching drivers who are drunk or high before an accident happens.

Auto crash numbers show the problem is not going away

People might think that advancements in safety technology and new methods to help people avoid auto accidents and injuries are providing greater protection. Unfortunately, the numbers tell a different story.

When there is a crash, people can face a litany of challenges. If they are injured, they could have long-lasting physical and mental problems, be unable to work, have massive medical expenses and be confronted with an uncertain future. If they have lost a loved one, their challenges are exacerbated. The accident and its cause must be scrutinized and steps taken to make a full recovery in every way.