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Recent Long Island fatal accident reminds of road dangers

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When we head out on the way to run our day-to-day errands, we think of the destination, our to-do lists and more. Road accident statistics are probably not the first thing you think about, but with the frequency of accidents, it is advisable to be mindful of the potential risks with driving.

A recent fatal car accident serves to remind all who embark on a New York roadway of the worst possible outcome.

Wrong-way accident turns fatal

Two young New York residents met fatal harm in a recent Long Island car accident. A driver allegedly under the influence of alcohol reportedly traveled in the wrong direction on a road, resulting in a head-on collision. The car crash additionally resulted in several severe injuries as the initial impact created a secondary accident.

Negligence can lead to harm

In New York, the state is one of the few that has a legal principle called pure comparative negligence or fault, where an individual can recover damages even if they are deemed 99% responsible for an accident, but their ability to recover is reduced by the amount of fault. Other states operate differently.

When a negligent driver gets behind the wheel of a several-ton vehicle, horrific outcomes are possible and become reality. Negligent driving can result in property damage, personal injury and the worst possible fate, a wrongful death.

No person should pay the ultimate price for another’s negligent actions. Financial recovery cannot solve every loss, but you deserve to be made whole to the best of our system’s ability.