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New York bicycle crash statistics for 2023 look bad

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable in traffic accidents because they lack the protections people in automobiles have. Recent statistics suggest that New York bike riders might be at greater risk than in past years. Taking preventative steps is wise, but it is also vital to know what can be done to recover for all that was lost following a bike crash.

Early statistics for 2023 suggest the worst total of bicycle fatalities ever recorded

Although the year is relatively young, New York has seen a major uptick in bicycle fatalities. So far, 11 people have been killed in bicycle accidents. This is raising fear that this could potentially be the worst year since the Department of Transportation began tracking the numbers.

Seven riders lost their lives on electric bike (E-bikes). Four were on regular bicycles. Of the E-bike accidents, four occurred without other vehicles involved. Transportation Alternatives, a non-profit focusing on alternatives to vehicles as a means of transportation, is trying to get the city to be more aggressive in promoting bicycle safety.

The spike in fatalities is stark. In all of 2022, there were 18 such fatalities. That puts 2023 on past to surpass it well before the year is out. 2021 saw 19 bicyclist fatalities. For 2020, there were 26 total deaths. The worst year on record was 1999 when there were 40 bicyclist deaths.

Riders must think about the future after an accident and have qualified help

Bicyclists and E-bike riders who are attentive, cautious and wear safety equipment are putting themselves in a position where they might be able to avoid an auto accident or mitigate the damage. However, many crashes cannot be avoided and riders could face major medical costs, severe injuries, long-term ramifications and even death.