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Recent pedestrian and automobile accidents remind of road dangers

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

For many of us, the President’s Day weekend marks a time to get out and enjoy the three-day weekend. If you do not get an extended weekend, maybe, you just head out to grab a bite to eat or a show. But, for several families, the weekend was not a period of rest or fun. Several New York pedestrians met fatal harm simply walking around the city or doing everyday activities, like work.

Three-day weekend and several deaths

According to news reports, four people lost their lives over the President’s Day weekend, all in different accidents. This is not a unique problem to any singular borough, though, as Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx all saw fatal pedestrian accidents.

However, pedestrian injuries and fatalities are unfortunately common throughout the Northeast. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, urban pedestrian crashes account for over 80% of all pedestrian-auto accidents and, of those accidents in urban areas, nearly half happened at low speeds.

Injury claims should be comprehensive to your needs

Numbers do not always tell the whole story behind a pedestrian injury. You are a unique person with unique injuries, damages and a unique claim. If you are simply at work, walking home or running errands, and you meet physical harm due to a driver’s negligence, you have options for seeking help. Of course, you should always tend to your medical injuries first, but with pedestrians being especially vulnerable due to all of the concrete that surrounds in New York City and Scranton, Pennsylvania, you may have especially severe injuries.

You can work with a personal injury attorney, who can work with the insurance companies involved, to make sure you receive a comprehensive settlement that will encompass your present and future needs. These can also include ancillary associated damages, like lost wages, adaptive equipment and ongoing physical or mental therapy. Accidents can be traumatizing events, and you do not have to go through recovery alone.