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It can be difficult to sort out a truck accident case

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Both eastern Pennsylvania and the greater New York City area have many trucks and other commercial vehicles on their respective area’s roads and streets.

While other motorists can logically expect that drivers of commercial vehicles and those who hire them would make safety a top priority, sadly this is not always the case.

Each year, many people in New York and the greater Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas suffer serious injuries or die in truck accidents or accidents involving a commercial vehicle. Often, these victims were not in any way responsible for their accidents.

Even so, sorting out a truck accident claim can be difficult and even frustrating for victims and their families:

  • Because of size differences and other factors, injuries after a truck accident tend to be more serious. The driver of a passenger car is vulnerable to very serious injuries in a wreck with a much larger semi.
  • Truck drivers, trucking companies and others in the industry often have a significant financial and reputational stake in fighting claims against them. They or their insurance carriers may deny full responsibility for the accident or refuse to pay for all the damages a victim suffered.
  • Multiple people and businesses can be responsible for a truck accident. For example, even if a company contracted with an independent truck driver, the company may still be responsible for hiring a negligent operator.
  • Additional laws and regulations will often apply to truckers and commercial drivers, especially if they operate over state lines.
  • Large commercial vehicles operate differently from passenger cars. It is important that the victim understand these differences when investigating the cause of an accident.

Those who have been injured in a truck accident should know their legal options

It takes additional skill and experience to handle a truck accident claim properly. At the same time, mishandling a claim could leave a victim and their family in a financial bind if they cannot get the compensation they need and deserve.

Those who have suffered an injury in a truck accident should make sure they understand their options and alternatives. They will need to pursue their claims diligently to hold those responsible for their injuries accountable.