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About Darryl J. Floyd

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Firm News

Darryl J. Floyd is a U.S. Veteran with a degree in Criminal Justice. He is a strategic, business focused political consultant, specializing in data interpretations, flow of information, and statistical analysis. He has a background in research and development of new ways of expanding the political base through social media with an established ability to bridge diverse, political, and social circles. Darryl has exceptional interpersonal communication, negotiation, and presentation skills, with all levels of corporate and political communities.

Darryl is also an NBA Coaching Agent, representing clients with media relations and the social expectations demanded of a professional. He works assisting basketball coaches, scouts, and front office personnel for securing the best financial positioning and contractual considerations. Darryl is a former European League basketball player and winning youth basketball coach.
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